Brasserie creation

I was asked to design a brasserie in Semur en Auxois, Burgundy....

House becomes gîte

The ground floor or a family house is being transformed into a gite in a rural town in France...

New identity for a restaurant

A fabulous restaurant has decided to put its interior design at the same level as the menu contents....

iGuzzini new products

This afternoon I discovered the new lighting products from iGuzzini.....

Just Like Home

This appartement is going to receive a lot of paint, some nice suprises in the bathroom and nice decorations... it will soon be ready to receive its tenants....

A new face for this tired apartment

This weary and dated apartement is about to get a make-over..... it is amazing what one can do with small spaces...

Spa Interior Design

Over 100m2 are to be transformed into a 4*spa complexe and I have had the pleasure in designing it's interior.  Works have started and it is the final countdown until it's opening next year....!  There's work to be done!

Contemporary and Comfy cosy

My cliente called for my help because she didn't feel at home in her lovely contemporary house.....

New products presentation evening

All decorator's dreams: presentation evening for new wallpaper and fabric collections from favorite designers....!!

Bathroom Renovation, Bourgogne

A nice and large bathroom was pleading with my clients for a make-over.  The rather red ocre striped walls were looking rather full on, and rather overpowering.  A little more warmth and visual proportion work was needed here.....

Natural London

London and Nature.  Two atmospheres that are very important to this twelve year old boy.  My job was to create a bedroom design juxtoposing the two together!

Young boys bedroom decoration: Basketball and New York

The bedroom design of a ten year old boy's bedroom.  He is passionate about basketball and New York and needs space to display his lego.... so I designed a wall composition just for this!

Viscontea castiglioni flos f19c

Choix des Luminaires

Aujoud'hui c'etait reunion avec mon fournisseur eclairage pour faire preselection des luminaires pour le projet du spa a Chablis.....

Renovation In Voutenay sur Cure, Yonne, Burgundy (Stairwell)

The stair well is going to have an impressive face lift.... but let's face it... A radical change is needed!!

Renovation In Voutenay sur Cure, Yonne, Burgundy

The living room BEFORE the works